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Jean Côté

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Birth  1603  Mortagne, Tourouvre, Perché, Kingdom of France 
Sex  Male 
Died  27 Mar 1661  Ville de Québec, Canada, New France 
Person ID  I2402  Default Tree 
Last Modified  11 Jan 2010 
Father  Abraham Côté, b. Abt 1577, Mortagne, Tourouvre, Perché, Kingdom of France 
Mother  Françoise-Geneviève Loisel, b. Abt 1581, Mortagne, Tourouvre, Perché, Kingdom of France 
Group Sheet  F683  Default Tree 
Family 1  Anne Martin, b. 1614, La Rochelle, Aunis, Kingdom of France 
Married  17 Nov 1635  Ville de Québec, Canada, New France 
 1. Jean Dit le Frisé Landroche Côté, b. 25 Feb 1644, Ville de Québec, Canada, New France
 2. Louis Côté, b. 25 Oct 1635, Ville de Québec, Canada, New France
 3. Simone Côté, b. 9 Dec 1637, Canada, New France
 4. Martin Côté, b. 12 Jul 1639, Ville de Québec, Canada, New France
 5. Mathieu Côté, b. 6 Jul 1642, Ville de Québec, Canada, New France
 6. Jean Noel Côté, b. 4 Mar 1646, Ville de Québec, Canada, New France
 7. Marie Côté, b. 11 Jan 1648, Ville de Québec, Canada, New France
 8. Louise Côté, b. 10 Apr 1650, Ville de Québec, Canada, New France
Group Sheet  F661  Default Tree 
Notes  SOURCE: Tom Thievin, "Our Côté Genealogy", Appendix#1 (by Linda Cote Dube)

Our first Côté ancestor was Jean Jehan Côté whose roots in North America go back over three centuries.

Jean Côté presumably came from Mortagne, Perche, France. He was recruited by Robert Giffard (the first lord of Beauport) in 1634 with the fleet "Le St-Jean" of Duplessis-Bouchart and Capt. Pierre de Nesle.

He arrived in Québec after a voyage of approximately two months of around 75 persons; among them Robert Giffard - medicine man, architect Pierre Clust, surgeon Simon Baron, master Jean Coste, Robert LeCorq, Jean Bourdon and Marin Boucher and his family. Payment of voyage to be paid at Québec in beaver skins was 9 "livres pesant" or French pound, 50 "livres pesant" to return to France, and 30 "livres pesant" to return to Canada.

Jean worked for Charles Huault de Montmagny in Québec, who became governor after Champlain's death in December 1635.

He married Anne Martin on November 11, 1635 at Québec by Father Charles Lelemant, a Jesuit priest, and witnessed by Guillaume Couillard and Robert Giffard. His was one of the first families to settle on Île d'Orléans of present St. Pierre parish.

He first settled at Québec, where he owned a house on the corner of rue Tresor and rue Baude on land 150 ft. frontage by 60 ft. in depth next to the Notre Dame-de Roucouvrance Church. He offered this land as dowry to daughter Simone when she married in 1649. The house had a value of 450 livres but the newlyweds paid 300 livres and the balance of 150 livres as their wedding gift. He also owned land between "la Grande-Allee" and the St. Lawrence River of one acre frontage and depth to the St. Lawrence River — total 6 acres — then on the outskirts of Québec which he received on August 27, 1636 from Governor Montmagny and ratified on April 5, 1639. This was sold to Antoine Leboesme dit Lalime on 8-11-1652 for 300 livres which Jean bought merchandise for at the store "Compagnie des Habitants".(Ct. Vachon) 12-24-1652, he confirmed his title deeds along with Robert Giffard in Beauport. On 2-3-1653 (Ct. Audouard) settled his debt of 30 livres from son-in-law-Pierre Soumande and also the same sum to Louis LeSage.

They had eight children, and all his sons settled at Île d'Orléans:
1. Louis Côté m. Elizabeth Langlois
2. Martin Côté m. Suzanne Page
3. Jean-Bapt. Côté m. Anne Couture (Anne Couture was a king's daughter, one of the many young French ladies who was given a dowry by the king and transportation to the New World to provide wives for the many young men who had been recruited here to settle the new lands.) and Genevieve Verdon
4. Mathieu Côté m. Elizabeth Gravel
5. Noel Côté m. Helene Gratton
6. Simone Côté m. Pierre Soumande
7. Louise Côté m. Jean Grignon
8. Marie Côté b & d 1648

On July 21, 1641 "La Compagnie de Nouvelle France" gave Jean and associate Noel Langlois compensation for work done at "Seigneurie de Beauport"; the arrangements with Robert Giffard. He sold 500 boots of peasant wheat (16-18 lbs.) valued at 80 pounds, for which he bought a horse and cows. (This is actually quite unlikely as it is currently thought that horses were not generally practicable or even perhaps available and so this might mean that he only purchased livestock or other animals for agricultural purposes. -author)

In 1642, Jean obtained permission from Robert Giffard to graze his animals on the Beauport prairies for three years. He worked for Robert Giffard in return for working one day a year per animal not counting the yearlings. In turn, he would gather hay for lodging of cattle.

On February 5, 1645 he finally received a concession on the banks of fleuve for three acres of frontage #126 in Beauport on the St. Lawrence River, surveyed lot #342-350 and to the depth of the Seigneury of Beauport between the lands of Zacharie Cloutier and Noel Langlois, who feared the Iroquois. Noel Langlois donated a small portion of his land next door to his homestead for Jean to build his home there. Rent of five sols per year due was cleared by Noel Langlois on 6-7-1681 for all of Jean's unpaid rent.

In 1652 he obtained a parcel of land of five acres, 79 perches x 10 acres depth "au bourg" Du Fargy near Beauport River and north of the church. Because of Iroquois hostilities, Jean left Beauport and returned to Île d'Orléans. Upon Jean's death none of his sons were married. Jean died at his home in 1661 and is buried in the church of Notre Damede Québec.

SOURCE: Tom Thievin, "Our Côté Genealogy", Appendix#2 (by Jean-Guy Cote)
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